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Candy Floss Wedding Hire!

If your looking for that extra something special to add to your wedding day, then consider TCFK offering up a wonderful tasting candy floss, that’s been described as silk, luxurious and smooth (& not bitty or grainy).

We have been known to be a talking point, prior, during and after a wedding with both children and adults getting excited. Our reviews speak volume from our level of professionalism through to confirming the fact that everyone enjoys’s our candy floss. Yes! including all your grand parents, grand-grand parents and yes, grand-grand-grand parents.

From initial contact through to the last goodbyes a the end of the hire during the wedding all aspects of your booking are covered. Every hire come’s with,

  • Our full flavour range.
  • Single operator to run the machine & serve guests.
  • Unlimited servings during specified hire time (1h, 2h etc).
  • Stand provided (We do not use venue tables).
  • Back-up equipment (Candy floss machine, flavours to re-stock).
  • Online booking management (Click here for more information)
  • Indoor or Outdoor set up option.


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